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What We Do

Our Mission

We strive to equalize access to higher education by providing effective, personalized, and entirely remote college application essay tutoring to students from predominantly low-income backgrounds.


We believe...

that all students should have the resources to feel supported, confident, and represented by their college application, regardless of their economic background.

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We lead...

tutors through an in-depth onboarding process to make sure they have all the tools to support students navigate the college application process and tell their best stories.

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We partner...

with school districts and other organizations across the US that work with students from lower-income backgrounds to help bridge the opportunity gap.

How It Works

Our team will strive to deliver tutoring that suits your needs and your schedule. We got you at all stages of the writing process, whether you're brainstorming topics, developing out your narrative, or fine-tuning grammar. And, Connect will work with you on any part of the college application, from The Common App, to supplemental essays, to scholarship applications.

Getting Started

To get started, fill out a registration form, where you'll have the chance to share more about what support you need, and whether you have any preferences (for example, a tutor who speaks Mandarin or studies engineering).

Connect with a Tutor

Once you complete additional paperwork (we'll send you a parent-guardian consent form), you'll be paired with a tutor that best matches your preferences and needs. They'll initiate the partnership via email, and together, you can determine how often and through what platform you'd like to meet. After every session, you'll both fill out an evaluation form to assess how the pairing is working.

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